Shmuck's Story

We are three childhood best friends born and raised in Beacon, and recent graduates of Beacon High School. Shmuck's Sweet Stuff gets it's name from our chemistry teacher who would call us the "shmuckos" or "shmucks" when we would goof off in the back of class. In one of his classes we made ice cream in a lab and brought our own mixins to make some funky flavors! We then had a project for our economics class and built a business plan for a local year round ice cream shop.
4 years later, we are now full time college students and entrepreneurs but when Covid shut down schools, we were all sent home to take online classes. This left us with a lot of free time and inspiration to create something awesome  together within our community. The three of us pooled some savings together and bootstrapped the entire startup of Shmuck's Sweet Stuff in less than two months from inception as a real business. We'll be serving shcoops and other sweets through our walk up to-go window on main street and via our counter in the Hudson Valley Food Hall at 288 Main Street, Beacon all year long.
We'd love to invite you to try our sweet stuffs! Our waffles and waffles cones are fresh pressed to order every day and topped with our homemade ice cream and vegan sorbets using fresh and seasonal ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. We're entirely nut free and always offer various vegan sorbets as well as celiac safe/gluten free options.

We keep a rotation of fresh and seasonal flavors in stock with some of our most popular being Fresh Mint Chip (made with fresh local mint extract and no artificial flavors or dyes) and our Vegan Dark Chocolate Coconut Sorbet (made with a coconut milk base and vegan dark chocolate) which is dairy free and entirely vegan.
Our signature treat is our Loaded Waffle! Our fresh pressed liege waffles are topped with powdered cinnamon sugar, Hudson Valley maple syrup, a shcoop of our homemade ice cream, whipped cream, decadent amarena cherries and a topping of your choice. We make our special dough every morning and press all waffles fresh to order. They're crunchy and carmelized on the outside to hold up to a scoop of ice cream on top, but when cut apart they are flaky and pillowy on the inside and absolutely delicious all around.
We can't wait to enjoy some Sweet Stuffs with you!
- The Shmucks